Bould[h]er May Meet Up

Thursday, May 16th


Our May meet up will be 5/9  from 6:30-8pm. These meet up's are a dedicated time for women to come together to encourage and empower each other as we climb! No climbing experience necessary, feel free to bring along friends.

Free for members, $10 day passes for everyone else 


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Youth Bouldering Competition

Saturday, May 18th


Ages 6-15

A fun, no pressure bouldering competition just for the kids! Climbing will take place from 9:30-11:30am with a prize raffle, award ceremony, and BBQ lunch to follow. We ask that parents/guardians stay close by to help cheer on and keep score for their kiddos.

Our scoring system will work in zones so even if they don't make it to the top of a climb they can still earn points for making it to certain marked holds ("zones") on the climb. There will be 20 total climbs that gradually increase in diffuculty with 1 being the easiest and 20 being the most difficult. Each climb they finish is worth the same number of points plus the climb number. Each competitors final score will be from their top 5 highest scored climbs- which can come from climbs they didn't necessarily complete. We know that might sound a little complicated but we will have clear score sheets and markings on the wall that should make it easy to understand the day of. More than anything we want kiddos to feel accomplished and encouraged to try difficult climbs!


Youth 1: ages 6-8 (girls and boys)

Youth 2: ages 9-11 (girls and boys)

Youth 3: ages 12-15 (girls and boys)

Cost: $15

Includes entry, shoe rental, raffle ticket, and BBQ

15% discount for each additional sibling

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College Night

Sound mind and sound body are the secret to getting through college studies! Get active with your friends and take advantage of this great deal.

Don’t forget to bring your school identification.

every friday
$10 covers day pass and shoe rentals
contact us if you have any questions

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