COVID-19 Current Status

Phase Two Reopening: 25% Capacity

Begins Wednesday, June 10th

The governor of Colorado announced that gyms can open at 25% capacity. For Pure this is 40 people in the gym at a time which is below our normal traffic. We have decided to move forward without a reservation system but instead will post limits of total number of people in each area at one time. On 6/10 all frozen memberships from March will be reactivated and 24/7 access will be available.

If you were a 24/7 member in March.... you're membership is active including your 24/7 access card. We billed today 6/10 and applied the credit from March, which covers a majority of your month membership. The only exception is if your billing failed in which case you should receive an automated email from our system. Please come in to get in good standing and we will reactivate your access at that point. 

If you were an EFT (billed) member in March....your membership is active. We billed today 6/10 and applied the credit from March, which covers a majority of your month membership. 

If you were a prepaid member in March....your account will remain frozen until you come in to activate it. At that point our system will automatically add the days you missed due to our closure based on when you last paid. 

If you do not plan to climb but have been billed please call us at 719-633-5511 and we will work out a solution with you! 

Please carefully read the info below to understand our rules and safety guidelines.

  • Must not exceed posted number of people limits for each area. This may mean your group may have to split up between areas.
  • Your first time back in the gym will include a safety and rule orientation from our staff.
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult or a Pure summer camp instructor who will remain in each area with them to enforce the social distancing guidelines. If they are unable to maintain distance from others climbing we will have to ask them to leave.
  • For those who have never climbed at the gym all waivers must be filled out online or on your own phone when you arrive. We will not be offering paper waivers or our iPads for the time being.
  • Please be respectful of all temporary area closures for summer camps.
  • Upon entering the gym our staff will do a verbal symptom check as well as check your temperature
  • Each person must wash their hands thoroughly then sanitize before climbing, when switching areas, and when leaving the gym
  • Sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the gym. We ask that you use them regularly.
  • You must remain 6ft from everyone else all times unless you live in the same household
  • You must not climb on the same section of wall at the same time as someone else (staff will clarify sections when you enter the gym)
  • You must bring a mask to wear when you are not on the wall. Mask may be removed when you are climbing or working out.
  • Liquid chalk is highly encouraged. Find a recipe online or we hope to have some for sale at the gym.
  • NO community chalk will be available.
  • Shoe rentals will be available and will be thoroughly disinfected in between use ($3 per day)
  • Anyone not following the rules or social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave without a refund
  • This list is not final and may be added to in the future. If you have questions please ask our staff.